Eagle Pines Junior Golf Camp

June 25th – 29th, 2018

Eagle Pines Golf Club is honored to offer their annual  junior golf camp to kids between the ages of 8-14.  The fee is $45.00 per golfer.
The goals of this camp are to:

1. Give kids a chance to learn the basics of the game of golf

2. Encourage kids to view golf as a fun, exciting sport that can have a lifetime of enjoyment

Participants will receive one on one instruction that will be tailored to their skill level.  All parts of the basic golf swing will be taught during this week.  Participants will receive instruction on the fundaments of a proper set-up; chipping, pitching, and putting technique; mechanics of the full swing; and lessons in appropriate etiquette on the golf course.  All participants will receive a camp shirt, a camp certificate, and other prizes.

Each day of the clinic will focus on one or two specific fundamentals that the student will learn.  The daily schedule is listed below:

Day 1 Course Etiquette, Rules and Equipment, and Basic Fundamentals

Kids will learn essential course etiquette along with basic rules of golf.  The day will end by practicing the fundamentals of a proper set-up.  Experienced golfers need not to attend this session.

♦ Clubs needed: Putter, Wedge or any club used for chipping.

 Day 2   Chipping, Pitching, and Putting Technique

Instruction on the proper grip, stance, alignment, and technique of these three important scoring shots will be taught.  Execution of more difficult shots will be taught to advanced students.

Clubs needed: Putter, Wedge or any club used for chipping. 

Day 3   Full Swing Essentials (Part 1)

Instruction on a correct grip and stance will be given to individual students.  Students will be taught a stance that best suits their physical build and strength for a controlled golf swing.  Alignment and balance drills will be taught to advance students.

Clubs needed: Any club except the putter.  No more than 3 clubs are needed on this day.

Day 4   Full Swing Essentials (Part 2)

Further instruction on the correct grip and stance will be given.  All students will receive instruction on alignment and posture.  These lessons will be

concluded with the development of a pre-shot routine to encourage repetition.  Advanced students will be playing a few holes this day.

♦ Clubs needed: Any club except the putter.  No more than 3 clubs are needed on this day.

Day 5       The Complete Golf Swing

Students will be applying all of their learned fundamentals in practice.  Camp participants will be playing a couple holes of golf with experienced golfers from the MooresvilleHigh School team.  Skill level will determine the amount played.  After the camp session, parents are invited to join their child in playing some golf in the Eagle Pines Parent-Junior Tournament.

♦ Clubs needed: All clubs that the participant has available to them.

All clinics will be held near the practice area, which is located east of the parking lot.  The clinics will begin at 9:00 and conclude for the day around 11.00.  At the end of each day’s activities, participants will be awarded daily prizes.  Please make plans for transportation to be available around 11.15.   Participants who would like to play golf after the clinic is finished for the day can do so starting at 2:45 at a reduced rate.  An adult should accompany all children on the golf course.


As always, the goal of this summer clinic is not to make money but extend the game of golf to a younger generation.  The cost of the Eagle Pines Junior Golf Camp is $45.00 for all five days.  The fee will include a golf shirt, sleeve of golf balls, camp certificate and other items for each participant.

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If you have any questions about the camp, please contact Eagle Pines Golf Club (317) 831-4774.  Please have all enrollment information returned to Eagle Pines by June 18.  Anyone registering after this date may not receive a shirt the scheduled days of camp.  Please identify on the registration form the level of golf experience your child possesses.  Written correspondence should be sent to:

Eagle Pines Golf Club

9373 N. Country Club Rd.

Mooresville, IN  46158


(317) 831-4774